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Take Away Coffee
Bean Cover.jpg

A Bean Me Up Coffee Shop Mystery

Adley left behind a big city job for a new life in a small town. She wanted to follow her dream to run a coffee shop with her dog Max. Adley came from a lineage of lawyers from San Francisco. After a few years as a prosecutor, she couldn't muster up the enthusiasm needed to continue with the crazy hours required to be a successful lawyer. She thought the drama of the court was left behind in the city. Little did Adley know solving murders was going to be part of her new life in Seagull Bay.

White Tableware

Espresso Soup

Take a dash of words, a splash of sentences, some spicy prose and mix them together to create a chowder of espresso soup. Letter up medleys play into narratives that drive all these crazy ingredients into a proper alignment that generates a movement of expression, a somber feeling, a joyful tear, a playful heart, a concert of melodic bouillabaisse. Hope you enjoy my poems.

Espresso Cover.jpg
Summer Dip
Poems Cover.jpg


Poetry is a written art that has lasted through the ages. It continues to transpire into new avenues, but the main structure of a poem is in its words. This book of poetry is filled with poems from numerous structural walks that transcribe themselves into their own stories.

Three French Bullgod Puppies

Mobile Unit

This book takes you on an adventure seen through the eyes of a dog. What dog doesn't love to walk and play? Exactly. They all do. It's a fun-filled story of a dog named Mobile Unit. His owner named him Mobile Unit because of his incessant love for walking. He's a typical dog that truly knows how to enjoy life. Maybe we can all learn from him.

Mobile Unit Cover .jpg
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